Summer Wrap Up

With the passing of another year since the attacks of 9/11, its time to re-energize ourselves, and get to work. As we awake this morning, the middle east is on fire. Most will say it’s too bad, thank god it’s not here, but let me tell you it is…it just hasn’t erupted.

There are 3 areas of our society we cling to. Our faith, our children and our security . All 3 are under siege but because we can’t see the threat, we don’t acknowledge it. During the past few months we have been informing you of the groups that are present within our state, and what their mission is.  This post will serve as a reminder to who they are.

AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council)  A “partner” with the TN Dept of Homeland Security and now partnered with the muslim brotherhoods friend ING (Islamic Network Group). This group is forming an “Islamic Speakers Bureau of Middle TN ” (to join the list of several other cities)so that they can go into your children’s school, and proselytize about their religion. AMAC now advises   they are going into middle schools, high schools, universites and faith based organizations and communities to inform us of their religious beliefs. No more do they state its “cultural diversity”, they have been emboldened to reveal their true agenda.


Connecting Cultures– Spearheaded by the charismatic, deceitful Luby Ismail that works alongside the US Dept of Justice and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) to deliver training  to schools and our law enforcement. Did you ever think the day would come when a US Govt agency was paired with a terrorist organization?


ACO (American Center for Outreach) The lobbying arm for AMAC. Be aware they have interjected themselves within the lobbying process of this state. They are the watchdog for CAIR and outwardly opposes legislation that would deter terrorist activity within the state. Why would a group, that claims to be “good americans” oppose any laws that would protect us all from harm?


Diversity in DIalogue, (a Scarritt Bennet affiliate) that claims to be an interfaith institution with an agenda to assist in the Muslim brotherhoods propagating its “religious” movement. This is another group that is delivering training to our schools, particularly the Metro Nashville School District.

It is imperative to understand the deceit behind their message, the destruction behind their mission and the absolute resolve  to change our way of life.

Cathy H

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