So Where is CAIR?

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, the idea of a threat on our soil is unsettling at best

A young muslim girl is arrested in Nashville for making threats against others and its a one shot story. I’m curious as to where CAIR is. I’m intrigued by the lack of the Tennessee muslim communities  non response.  Where is  the outrage and disgust?

    During this time, when americans are reflective, sad and most likely still nervous, it was a perfect opportunity for groups like CAIR, and the muslims in Middle TN to  step up and condemn this  incident. Nope, only the police dept spoke but defended them. So ,if CAIR  represents the american ideals and adheres to the protections of our constitution, why have they not spoken out?  The double standard is obvious. Maybe CAIR can articulate where this woman learned this doctrine.

Cathy H

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