The States Dangerous Liasion with AMAC

Lets start with the  Info posted on their new “partners” website..ING ( Islamic Network Group)  It called upon people who live in Middle TN to become “speakers”. If you are able to speak to groups, then this is for you. What once was a hidden agenda to take “culture training” into our schools has now turned into a blatant “we seek to educate about american muslims and their faith as a means of promoting religious literacy, mutual respect and understanding”

A disturbing quote that came from the mouth of Jihan Abdulla (vice president of the MTSU Muslim Student Association) states ” I actually feel like I have more rights than american women. I don’t have to live by the standards of beauty”. So, there it is …the superior attitude that because she is a muslim she has more rights. Is this the message to  send to our young women in our schools?  Is this the appropriate attitude for “trainers” to have? Where is the assimilation and the tolerance of others’ beliefs that they so falsely cling to?

So, to connect the dots..understand that AMAC (american muslim advisory council) was born from the MRRT(Muslim rapid response team) which then formed the ACO (American Center for Outreach) which is a lobbying arm in this states govt. AMAC partnered with ING ( islamic network group) that partners with Connecting Cultures that delivers training with AMAC ( and for CAIR) all of which comes back to …THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!

Be on the look out for any of these organizations to be entering your schools, churches or law enforcement agencies. Also know that due to the spot light being shined upon them, they may change the names of any of these entities.

Cathy H


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