Mr Daoud Abudiab is correct…

In a letter released this week in Columbias Daily Herald, Mr Abudiab states “What is good for the goose is good for the gander, be it Muslim or Christian”  How right you are, and let me break down some of  his article.

Mr Abudiab writes:

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, be it Muslim or Christian.

It is not uncommon for me to pick up The Daily Herald or read it online and find an article about Islam and Muslims. Some articles and opinions are reasonable and educational, though I may disagree, while few columns and opinions are hate-filled and ridiculously inaccurate.

Lately, several letters and opinions have expressed support for Bachmann’s call to investigate Muslims like Huma Abedine, and similarly the attack on Gov. Haslam’s appointment of a Muslim, Samar Ali, to head the International Department of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. The basis of such calls and accusations against these two outstanding American Muslim citizens has been questioned by top-ranking Republicans and Democrats on the state and national scene.

No where have I witnessed “hate” when discussing Ms Abedine, or Ms Ali. In regards to Ms Ali, why would the State of Tennessee hire a sharia finance expert unless one intends to invest according to sharia. I have not heard one word of Ms Ali’s person being attacked , but her background and affiliations have been.

Even comedians have taken their shots at Bachmann’s extreme accusations. A good clue for Ms. Diana West (assuming that is her real name) are her own words in her nationally syndicated column that appeared last week in the Herald, where she wrote ”Many conservative outlets, such as Fox and The Washington Examiner, are strangely silent.”

I wish for a moment to draw a parallel to explain why I believe Ms. West’s column is both dangerous and irresponsible.

In 2008, three Christians firebombed the Islamic Center of Columbia. The explanation was that what Muslims were doing in that building was against the Christian Bible. A week after the hate crime, I stood shoulder to shoulder with Christians, Jews and others united in denouncing hate in our community.

Ok, this is where you don’t make sense. Bachman is stating this government is infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood adherents. Are you denying that allegation? The next paragraph regarding the torching of the mosque doesn’t fit , except that once again its an oppurtune time to remind people the muslims in Middle Tennessee are victims.

Several days passed before a pastor from one of the local churches called me to convey a message from one of his parishioners. It happened to be from the father of one of the then accused young men. The pastor, on behalf of one of the young men’s father, expressed regret for what happened and explained that such views were not shared by the family or church members. The father even extended an offer to clear the rubble and help rebuild our center.

I was very appreciative of the offer and sincerely considered it, because I thought it would be a reasonable path to reconciliation. After all, my Muslim faith instructs me that forgiveness and reconciliation are preferred to revenge, hatred and fighting.

No one disagrees the incident was a crime, and the  young men should be punished. Perhaps they should have had to clear the rubble away themselves. I get your point that you stood with christians . Thats what religious people do.Now lets jump ahead to another paragraph.

I call on the leadership and responsible people in Columbia, Maury County and Tennessee to take seriously all threats to our community and to all of us, and to fight efforts to falsely and irresponsibly target any one group.

There should be more to accusations than being able to associate two people who may have attended the same church, mosque or temple. Otherwise, I would be justified in requesting an inquiry into a lot of decent Americans who happen to be Christian, white and quote the Bible. I suspect I would be able to falsely link many the three men who committed the hate crime against the Islamic Center or one of their extended family members, friends or people who attended school with.

I started out saying such would be ridiculous behavior; so, please, I call on you to act and speak responsibly, and hit the brakes on this crusade to define every Muslim as a threat. You make my innocent child’s life difficult. Just two years ago my 12-year-old son was harassed by 23 students at school for being Muslim. My wife worries about going out in public, and my community constantly worries about assembling at our center.

Mr Abudiab, your community has created its own division. No one cares about your religion, it’s what you do under the guise of the religion that people don’t trust. Your community has taken the stand you are special and require special accommodations.  The insistence upon our public schools knowing about your “culture” , or the insistence we learn about islam is what is troubling. If muslims want to teach their children the way of islam , the sunnah and the hadiths then build schools for them, but don’t demand non muslims must be exposed to it.

In closing, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” then you are right. So please don’t be offended when your child comes home with a bible, tells you he has to learn hebrew, or is taking a field trip to a synagogue.  The very things you are demanding of people in this country are the  very things that are raising suspicions. Perhaps you can explain why  Mr Nihad Awad  attended the opening of the Murfreesboro Islamic Center, or explain how his organization CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in this countries largest terrorism funding case. Mr Awad has publicly stated “I support the Hamas movement”.  Maybe you can explain why a group called Connecting Cultures has entered the public schools to “train” the administrators to “understand” the muslim students. How about explaining why CAIR is so active in pursuing law suits against those that don’t wish  to change textbooks or curriculums. 

Can you explain why you feel you have constitutional rights, when you as a muslim can not acknowledge or accept man-made laws? Can you explain why Mr Omar Ahmed states: “Islam is not in america to become one of many religions, islam is here to dominate”? 

If you choose to say this is “hate”  then be prepared to define and articulate how it is. Remember whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Cathy H

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