AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council)

** For some time now, the majority of islamic organizations have stated their mission here was solely to inform people of their culture and to promote diversity and understanding. Once again the game has changed. In an  announcement on the ING’s website (islamic  network group) AMAC clearly states differently. (see below)  They are blatantly searching for speakers to continue the indoctrination  across Tennessee.  Even their logo suggests cultural training. Anyone can attend this training, so hopefully a lot of curious folks will show up to see how welcome they are.

American Muslim Advisory Council Speaker Training

The event will train speakers for the American Muslim Advisory Council’s Islamic Speakers Bureau, a new ING affiliate in Nashville, TN, extending the reach of an Islamic Speakers Bureau in that region.

All ING affiliates seek individuals who can speak in a variety of public venues to diverse audiences, including middle and high schools, universities, faith-based and community organizations, and other venues. We seek to educate about American Muslims and their faith as a means of promoting religious literacy, mutual respect, and understanding.
Speakers are certified after a rigorous process of professional development, testing, and observation in a live setting by veteran speakers. When presenting, ING speakers adhere to the First Amendment Center guidelines which are outlined in ING and the First Amendment Center. These guidelines emphasize that speakers must adhere to the highest level of academic neutrality and objectivity when teaching about religion.
Why Should I Consider Joining the AMAC Islamic Speakers Bureau? At a time when Islamophobia and hate rhetoric against American Muslims has reached unprecedented levels in recent months, it is critical that American Muslims counter and clarify common stereotypes and define themselves rather than having others define them. ING nationally has nearly twenty years of experience in education about religions in multiple venues to diverse audiences. ING provides not only presentation scripts but also guidelines for speaking in a public forum and answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Included in the training? * Trainer-led training with interactive activities. * A speakers kit with presentation materials and FAQs developed by scholars * Public speaking tips * Drinks and refreshments
Trainer: Maha Elgenaidi Date: August 25, 2012 Time: 8:30 AM-2:00 PM Venue: Nashville International Academy Address: 7335 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

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