Signal 3!

Signal 3 in my police world means I assisted someone. Now I need your help. Several of you have emailed me with bits and pieces of information, which have been placed in the puzzle. In order for us to continue fighting I need the entire puzzle.So, I am again asking those with any information on the happenings in the schools to please contact me.

Here’s how I work. As a retired Police Officer, it is of utmost importance to me to keep my sources anonymous, just as I did on the police dept. Confidential sources are a vital part to the work we do, and I can only reiterate confidentiality  is the only option. Any info I receive has to be confirmed by me, and then as you all know once I have vetted the info, it becomes part of the exposure.

We as citizens, parents and the community need to push forward with our agenda to make sure the Islamization in our schools doesnt progress  Please, take this as a call for action and contact me .


Thank you

Cathy H

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