Quick catch up

To summarize the events from the past month, we have exposed the agenda of local Islamic Centers attempting to garner the assistance of the public school system to allow accommodations for muslim students. To what extent they have been successful is unfolding everyday.  So here is what was revealed in prior posts

  • Further evidence has been received showing that muslim parents attended the May 3 cultural training delivered by Connecting Cultures LLC and the US Dept of Justice
  • A discussion about the presenters Lobna “Luby” Ismail, and Daniel Tutt and their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The handout for this training further reinforced the “Teachers Guide to Muslim Students” in that it states what the non muslim students must do and not do.
  • You have seen the complete lack of cooperation by the School Board members , their disingenuous tone,and Mr Evans’ veiled  responses to my emails.

  Cathy H


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