Muslim Parents Attend Seminar

As you may know by now, the  Rutherford County School District has come under fire for participating in a ” Arab-Muslim Cultural Awareness & Protocol Seminar” on May 3  2011.  The Rutherford County School Board acknowledged that 3-4 staff members attended ( actually it was 6) and attempted to make it all go away. Away  it is not going.

Murfreesboro City School District was the host of this training which was more than an “educational experience”.  We have received documents that clearly depict this training  was more aggressive than the Teachers Guide to Muslim Students sent to Rutherford County Schools back in 2008.

The following are some items that need to be addressed:

  • Why did muslim parents ( from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro) attend this seminar? Were all parents notified and invited to attend? Previous documents showed a target audience of Administrators,Principals and Counselors.
  • If this was solely an “educational experience” why was The First Amendment, and information from the First Amendment Center laboriously brought up?

The following is from the document titled ”  Schools Obligation to Accommodate Religious Beliefs and Practices” Considerations for Muslim Students at School.  These are a few excerpts from this handout that was given to the attendees.

  • Prayer usually does not last longer than 15 minutes, particularly if it is individual prayer. Washing of the hands, face and feet is conducted before each prayer.
  • Avoid walking in front of or interrupt someone who is praying (unless there is an emergency), If you must move, walk behind or far ahead of where the person is praying or wait until they finish.
  • Avoid eating or drinking in front of a fasting muslim during the month of Ramadan.
  • Mawlid al-Nabi is the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday holiday. The degree of acknowledgement varies based on the country and culture. NEVER visually portray the Prophet

This is  not educational, informative or  merely suggestions. This is telling you.. the school district, this is what we demand of you. This is Sharia at its best. Where do we draw the line? When 1 student turns into 5 students that need to be excused to pray during classes, how is that not an undue hardship for the non muslim students?

Parents, citizens and community members, again, it is imperative to attend the school board meetings, even though it’s not on the agenda, and demand answers. Let them know Sharia will not be tolerated in our public schools.

Next up…the US Dept of Justice and their involvement.

Cathy H

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3 Responses to Muslim Parents Attend Seminar

  1. jrcole says:

    call the news station we as christians can not pray at school nor mention God so why are we bending oer backwards and interrupting our daily lies for their beliefs let them stay at home and be home schooled we are being slowly being beat down because of our religion but yet we have to let them pray and not walk in front of them while praying and not eating in front of them during their fasting i am sorry go to all meeting let the news station know world wide at what we are being told we have to do

  2. Daniel Quinn says:

    It’s all part of the plan to FORCE ISLAM on you wither you like it or not, because the ultimate goal is World Domination!

  3. Rena says:

    Why are we Christians allowed only a minute of silence to pray and Muslims are allowed so much more time? Also, how are teachers to teach when all of the Islamic students are praying or preparing to pray???? I totally agree with D.Q.’s conclusion above-World Domination!!!!

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