Whats Next..

Take Action

  • For those that attended the RCS Board Meeting, thank you. Parents, citizens and community members  keep up the pressure. Just because the Board stated they werent acting upon any  “suggestions” does not mean they wont consider them, especially if the Muslim community involves CAIR ( the Council on American Islamic Relations)
  • Attend the Murfreesboro City School Districts Board meeting, and let them know you wont tolerate the islamization of your schools. Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of evey month, however it does not appear on the MCS website. IT IS NOT ON ANY AGENDA AT THIS TIME!!
  • With school starting in a few weeks, be aware of any training for the administration, teachers or students.
  • Educate yourselves, your family, friends and neighbors on Islamic Law known as Shariah Law and how it affects your schools if allowed to be applied
  • Ask the appropriate questions and remember it is not about the religion of Islam, it is was is being done under the guise of the religion
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