What We’ve Learned so Far..

Now that the Rutherford County School Board meeting has occurred, lets look at the smoke and mirrors that they continue to hide behind.

The email from Mr Kattih to the Rutherford County School Attorney Ms McCloud refers to a publication that was sent to her as far back as 2008.  (see under Documents :Kattih Email)

The Teachers Guide to Muslim Students which Mr Kattih sent to the Schools Attorney. ( see under Documents:  teachers guide)

Mr Odom stated in articles relating to the School Board meeting, that yes in fact staff had attended culture training, but it was “and educational experience” and thats all.(see under Documents:  scan doc 1, scan doc  2 and scan doc  3)

It has been discovered that the Connecting Cultures LLC company that delivered the training is partners with ISNA -the Islamic Society of North America, the MSA – the Muslim Student Association, and CAIR – Council for American Islamic Relations…ALL Muslim Brotherhood organizations (  see under Documents:  Partners  and  the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto)

Daniel Tutt,  the co-trainer for the seminar with Connecting Cultures, who defines himself as an activist , who was a speaker at the ISNA’s 2011 convention held on July 4.   A tweet from the conference said this:


I find it outrageous that a School Board would not conduct research on who was presenting to their schools administrators, and principals but rather assume because the US Dept of Justice approves of the company, its ok.

More to come

Cathy H

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