School Boards Take Note!

RCS School Board Meeting

Thank You to all the concerned parents, citizens and community members that took time out of their day to attend the school board meeting. The turnout was truly something to be proud of, and I believe it sent a crystal clear message that the Islamization of our schools is not going to happen.

The biggest disappointment of the evening was of course ..the board. Mr Odom who did you think you were speaking to?  Mr Odom addressed the room full of people of all ages with such idiotic, patronizing  garbled nonsense that it was clearly a case of smoke and mirrors. The first notion this wasnt going to be a truthful dialogue, was Mr Odom spending an odd amount of time stating that there was nothing regarding Islam on the agenda, despite the media saying it was. Well, I can tell you that my website clearly stated it was not on the agenda, and I don’t recall any news media other than talk radio even speaking of the meeting. Lie 1.  Lie 2 was interesting, Mr Odom claimed that none of the members present even recalled such a document as the Teachers Guide to Muslim Students. After all they receive so many pieces of correspondence they just cant keep track of it all.

Mr Odom then proceeded to state that yes RCS did send 4-5 staff members to this islamic awareness training, but gosh it was only for educational purposes, and gee the US Dept of Justice sponsored it so it was on the level.  Whats the big deal. Thankfully, a few visitors advised him of the big deal. First Mr Kevin Fisher spoke of how its dangerous to segregate students, and lets leave the teaching of religion up to the parents and just teach our kids the basics. Novel idea for a school huh?

Then a Dr , a life long member of the John Burch Societ yspoke and reminded the board this is America, and we praise God. Finally a woman who had been researching Islam since 9/11 spoke, and did so quite eloquently stating this isn’t a religion at all.. and proceeded to give each board member an “Islam 101” flyer.   Bravo to all the speakers, the board couldn’t wait to shut you  up.

Finally in a last-ditch effort, Mr Odom stated we were all quite welcome to remain to hear that the board wasnt discussing Islam, and to be sure to attend the next meeting  as well  because they wont be speaking about Islam then either.

Well, Mr Odom…perhaps that is the problem. Maybe you should be speaking of islam and the threat it is  to our public schools, and our way of life. Perhaps you should speak of Islam as you READ the Teachers Guide to Muslim Students so you can understand it wasnt just an informative piece of junk mail…it is a demand that they will attempt to get you to change the schools or be sued.

I ask each of you that attended this evening to keep up the good work, don’t allow the school board to placate you into thinking it s not a threat. They are accountable to all of us, and if they don’t do the job, elect new members that will. Its your children that are at risk. Keep fighting, we will win

next up…Murfreesboro City Schools…

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