Reminder to attend Rutherford County School Board Meeting

For all concerned parents, citizens and community members of Rutherford County, please be sure to attend this school board meeting. In light of the ruling in Federal Court in Nashville this afternoon, where the judge has issued an order that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro may operate starting tomorrow evening, it is imperative to show support for own our values and Constitution.  I urge all that attend to be respectful  yet firm, loud but peaceful, and adamant you will not stand for affiliations of any kind with an Islamic center or mosque.

Does the Rutherford County and Murfreesboro schools allow Hindus, Christians and Jews to dictate accommodations for their children?

Why did  RCS personnel attend the US   Dept  of Justice sponsored       “arab-muslim” culture awareness seminar given by Connecting Cultures LLC,  a company with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why did the Islamic center of Murfreesboro have contact with  RCS staff attorney Angel McCloud as far back as 2008?

What accommodations have been given to muslim students attending this school district?

Were parents notified that US Dept of Justices “Community Relations Service” specialist Walter Atkinson, along with  the   US attorney Middle District of Tn, and the FBI were hosting a seminar that their school participated in?

That one of the points of contact was  Saleh Sbenaty , the spokesman for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro but more importantly, the spokesman/advisor to the Muslim Student Association for MTSU..the number 2 “friend” listed in the Muslim Brotherhoods Strategic Goal for North America?

That the organization that gave this training, Connecting Cultures LLC, has deceitful, and fraudulent  information on its website..boasting its a “GSA Contract Holder”, when in fact GSA has no such contract number or Contractor?

Please remember to use the form from the school board site if you plan to speak. Also remember this is not about the religion, it is about what they are doing under the guise of the religion.

Also, feel free to print out the documents listed in the below post.

For those so inclined, feel free to let me know what took place at the meeting and what if anything was resolved

Cathy H

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One Response to Reminder to attend Rutherford County School Board Meeting

  1. PanamaJ says:

    Don’t you see your own hypocrisy? Christians go all over the world starting churches with the explicit purpose of taking Christian and Western values to those countries. How is this any different from what you claim the Muslims are doing?

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