Info for Rutherford School Board Meeting

For any parent, concerned citizen or community member attending the Rutherford County School Board meeting on Thursday July 19, 2012 at 5pm please be sure to read the information on the school boards link

Please make sure you follow protocol so that this  issue is addressed properly and taken seriously.  Also please remember this issue is not about the “religion” of Islam, but what they are doing under the guise of the “religion”  Suggesting, demanding or insisting the public schools “accommodate” muslim students is not about their first amendment right to practice their religion, but instead opening the door for Sharia Law to be implemented.

The men and women who hold positions of power such as the school board, need to be held accountable for what is transpiring within the school system. That being said it is up to us as concerned citizens to demand to know why the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, or any other islamic organization is being allowed to address  , suggest, alter,  change, or delete  anything within the system

Documents related to this that can be printed out are below

Cathy H

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