Is Diversity the Answer?

A dear newly found friend, whom I vent and seek advise from often, gave me some food for thought this week.  Why are we embracing “diversity”? Our country has always been a refuge for people of every nation to come to , to live the american dream. People brought their cultures, and religious beliefs with them but always managed to live along side of us, and at the appropriate times, we celebrated those cultures and beliefs. There is a vast difference in our cultural customs, which reflect our ethnicity, perhaps the food we eat, the clothes we wear or the language we speak. That is the diversity we celebrate and what has made this country a melting pot.

Somewhere in time,  this practice has been lost and along came Islam. Islam is a religion, but for a proper muslim it is a complete way of life..hence sharia law.  The majority of muslims , whether american or foreign-born  have used the first amendment, the freedom of religion as a guise to insist we accept and embrace them. The word diversity has been twisted to make one think their “religion” is their”culture”.

What has happened to “unity” and “assimilation”?   On one hand, the muslim community says they are just like us, but on the other hand, which is usually gloved as to not see the hand, they need special accommodations.  I do not harbor bad feelings for muslims,  I do not care how they pray, when they pray, what holy book they read from, what holy days they celebrate, as they do not care about how I pray, when I pray, what holy book I read from or what holy days I celebrate.  If christians wish their children to grow in a christian atmosphere, they attend christian or catholic schools, and  Jewish children may attend Hebrew schools. So a novel idea would be if muslims wish for their children to be surrounded by their beliefs  and the  sharia how about sending them to a madrassas or Islamic  school? After all, the Murfreesboro Islamic Center is going to be 53,000 square feet.

We all have the right to send our children to public schools, but we don’t have the right to force, suggest, insist or otherwise change the complexion of those schools.

Are we a melting pot or have we become a pot that is melted?

Cathy H



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