Metro Nashville Schools and the Islamic connection

You have just been advised that the Metro-Nashville Schools have formed a committee with The Islamic Center of Nashville, Masjid Al Farooq and Majid Al Islam. All in the name of “freedom of religion”. Lets take a look at what and who are tax dollars are being given to.

The Islamic Center of Nashville:

Mosque to former Imam Adulhakim Mohamed, the same imam convicted killer Carlos Bledsoe renamed himself after

One of several local mosques  participating in the Islamic Society of North Americas conferences. ISNA is listed as the number one “friend”  of the Muslim Brotherhood in their own document titled The Memorandum for the Strategic Goal for North America ( listed under documents on this website) or see below

ICN shares a PO Box address with ISNA

for more details go to  newsletter # 5


 Masjid Al-Farooq :

Also former mosque to Abdulhakim Mohamed who originally came from the highly radicalized Brooklyn NY Al-Farooq Mosque where Omar Abdel-Rahman  better known as the”blind sheik” from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing attended

Recent leadership has close ties with  Awadh Binhazim, a muslim chaplin at Vanderbilt University who founded the Olive Tree Education Organization. After he was exposed in the documentary “Losing Our Sons”. his website disappeared. He is now listed as a member of Muslimnama     ( .)  In the “note” from the founder,  Abdulhakim Mohammed, you will see astounding likeness to the Muslim Brotherhoods goals.

Binhazim openly supports suppressing speech in the USA as he states ” Muslims do not share the value of free speech as it is recognoized here”

There will be more to follow ..


Cathy H























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