Rutherford School Questions

It has been brought to my attention that the date on an email (see below) that showed correspondence between Ms. Angel McCloud, the Staff Attorney for Rutherford Schools, and a Mr Abdou Kattih from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is from 2008. First of all, why is that relevant, I find it most disturbing this has been going on for this long. What has transpired since 2008 that parents don’t know about. Obviously there is still contact between the schools and the Islamic Centers because of the “Arab-Muslim Training” that was attended by staff of these schools just last May. Now, the other question is why is this a big deal? According to the second denial on the Rutherford County Schools website:

However, the school district routinely receives informational literature about religions from various groups, including Christian, Jewish and legal organizations. Students of all religions are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights by practicing religious activities or participating in religious clubs at school as long as those activities are student-initiated.

Does the school routinely allow those other religious groups to “train” their staff? These emails were not initiated by students at all, the training and the”suggestions” were initiated by the Islamic Center Of Murfreesboro. This issue was not about students practicing their religious beliefs either.  The issue is why a US Dept of Justice approved company, is entering our public schools, “training” the principals, teachers and others on Islam under the guise of “culture”. The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is and has been a hot bed of controversy , our public schools have no business immersing themselves in this religious quagmire.  Islamic indoctrination is encroaching on our children everyday. If we want our children to learn about this “religion” in the depth in which they are suggesting, it is up to the parents..not the schools.

Cathy H

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