Rutherford County & Murfreesboro Schools

While the Rutherford County School is now denying they don’t recall the emails from 2008, which is understandable..perhaps they can recall the “Arab-Muslim Culture Awareness” training they hosted on May 3 2011…just last year. Now, let me explain why I feel this is important for folks to know.  The Rutherford County Schools say in their new statement on their website, (attached below) that there were no demands or mandates involved in the email. The flyer which was sent to the schools, gives suggestions to how to accommodate the muslim students. This flyer was drawn from the same  “an Educators Guide to Islamic Religious Practices” issued by CAIR.  CAIR, is the Council on American Islamic Relations..the equivlent of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).  The above referenced training was sponsored by the US Dept of Justice, and the US Attorneys Office of Middle District of Tennessee.  The company performing the training is Connecting Cultures,an affiliation of ING(Islamic Network Group) which works in collaboration with the Islamic Society Of North America, and Muslim Public Affairs Committee. The connection is ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America  which is the number one organization “friend” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This training, in all of its appearances as   “culture” training is no more that indoctrination.   As you will see in the first document, its called Building Cultural Competence, American Muslims and Building an INCLUSIVE Educational Environment.  In order for muslims to attend our schools, things have to change. They need time and a place to pray..(at least 3 times a day), restricted food menus, separate physical ed classes(not coed), special consideration for friday prayers, and holidays and    Muslim children will also be excused from the pledge of allegiance, because they cannot recognize our god.

This is a dangerous path that our public schools should not be walking down

Cathy H

From the Rutherford County Schools Website:

Statement concerning student religious activities

Update June 28, 2012

Eric Bell has responded with an email he says was sent to staff attorney Angel McCloud four years ago in September 2008 from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The email contained an educational flyer about muslim beliefs and practices as they pertain to muslim students. However, the email does not contain a list of demands or mandates, which has been alleged. Ms. McCloud receives this type of information from various religious and legal groups from time-to-time and does not specifically recall the email from 2008 because of the amount of time that has passed.

Documents related to the Arab Muslim Culture Training:




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