Things to ponder…

The goal of this blog is to inform those that wish to learn to make connections. In the muslim world, the  intentional use of names spelled differently ,or the name of organizations continually changing,    is a difficult and sometime impossible feat to understand. Once you grasp this idea of how it is done, you will be able to make the connections as well. This is critical to understand what is happening in our state. The intent to deceive and defraud is rampant amongst the muslim community.   One ploy is playing the victim. You will hear them refer back to 9/11 quite often. You will hear they only want to pray and practice their religion. You will hear they have the right under the constitution to do so. So ask yourselves, why are they forcing their beliefs on our way of life. Why are they demanding the use of sharia law? here are some examples

Why do we need “training” on their religion in our schools, in  law enforcement and many businesses?

Why does a congregation of 200 families need a center that boasts 53,000 square feet?

Why did it take some legislators across the country to make laws striking down the use of international/religious laws instead of our own?

Why does CAIR offer sensitivity training in lieu of suing monetarily ?

Why is the US Government , particularly the US Dept of Justice forbidding training that includes words such as “jihad”  “terrorism” “Muslim brotherhood” or “CAIR” ?

And as you have seen in the previous posts, why is the muslim community sending flyers to our schools to “suggest” changes that accommodate their children?

Why is this Government bending over backwards to accomodate this “religion”?

Mull those over, then in the next post we will look at the organizations that are here in Tennessee and what their connections are.

Cathy H

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