Rutherford Schools Denial Statement

On the June 27 2012,   Michael Delgiorno show, it was revealed that an email had been sent to a Mrs Angel McCloud, the Rutherford County School’s staff attorney, from a Mr Abdou Kattih of the Islamic Center Of Murfreesboro.

In that email, it references an “informative newsletter” that was previously sent to Mrs. Mcloud. Mr Abdou Kattih also states in this email he would like to send each principal of the schools this flyer to be shared with teachers when needed.

Shortly after this show aired, the following denial statement was placed on the Rutherford County School’s website. This seems to be a deliberate attempt to hide from the parents of children attending these schools what is transpiring within the district regarding the demands of the muslim community.

Below is the email that was sent to Mrs McCloud, and the denial statement from the school.

The flyer is listed under the Documents section of this website titled “teachers guide”

Cathy H

Statement concerning student religious activitiesJune 27, 2012A few concerned residents contacted Rutherford County Schools on June 27, 2012, after hearing a discussion on a Nashville radio station. No one from the school district heard the radio program directly and so exactly what was said cannot be confirmed.However, the discussion apparently referenced students practicing religious activities at school with an accusation that the school district allowed some students but not others to exercise their religious rights.  Apparently, there also was a claim that the district had received a list of demands for Muslim students from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.Rutherford County Schools is releasing this statement to hopefully address rumors concerning this topic.First, the school district is not aware of anyone receiving any written communication directly from the Islamic Center. However, several principals have reported they received an e-mail from a person named Eric Bell that accuses the school district of receiving and disseminating information from the Islamic Center. Mr. Bell’s email does include an attached informational document from the Islamic Center. But again, this document was not received directly from the Islamic Center; it came from Mr. Bell.However, the school district routinely receives informational literature about religions from various groups, including Christian, Jewish and legal organizations. Students of all religions are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights by practicing religious activities or participating in religious clubs at school as long as those activities are student-initiated.

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One Response to Rutherford Schools Denial Statement

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the Muslims have so much space (53,000 sq. ft) and so much money (200 Families cannot afford to pay for that mosque) why don’t you let them put their Muslim kids in that fancy, new expensive building? They would have more than enough room! Why do our kids have to be the one so be demeaned and punished. What happens if one of them does something non-compliant?

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