Law Enforcement Training or Indoctrination?

A new organization has partnered with the Tennessee Dept of Homeland Security and is “training” our law enforcement across the state. That new organization is the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC). SO whats the big deal? I am an instructor for law enforcement and can tell you this isnt the training our officers need.  Thank god, most officers can see the smoke and mirrors that the govt is forcing down their throats. Oh did I mention that the US Dept of Justice is   insisting this is the training they should get? From the info I have obtained, the majority of their lecture was all about Islam, and how much we are all alike. I can tell you Law enforcement is not interested in how they pray , the words they use or the clothes they wear. We dont care what quotes they say mimic the Bible or the Torah, or how an Imam is married to a preachers daughter. We care about what they are doing and saying UNDER THE GUISE of their religion.   Next we will start breaking down the who’s who of AMAC. By the way, the info didnt come from the US Attorney who hosted the training, they refused to say who the speakers were.  Doesnt the public have a right to know who is training our law enforcement? Seems that was the big issue back in Feb when the Rutherford County Sheriffs Dept hosted SEG for training.. There was no hiding those names!

Cathy H

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